4 Easy Steps Optimizing Your Health

1.     Do not smoke or use nicotine products.

2.     Maintain a healthy body weight.

3.     Exercise regularly.

4.     Follow a healthy diet.

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These four simple steps may seem like common sense but are very significant to reducing one’s risk for developing common deadly chronic diseases by nearly 80%.  It should be noted that cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetic chronic diseases, which account for most deaths are largely preventable. The easiest way to prevent these diseases is to follow the aforementioned to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  The best part about these steps is that all four of them are available for free. In fact, if you follow them and avoid nicotine, you actually save money!

The ideal end goal would be to never smoke, have a body mass index of lower than 30, exercise for at least three and one-half hours per week, and follow a healthy dietary principle, such as having a diet with high consumption of fruits and vegetables, while limiting meat consumption.  Also, avoiding processed foods, preservatives and minimizing alcohol intake will allow your body to reap the benefits.

In addition to preventing potential diseases, these four steps can also aid in limiting wear and tear

The Benefit of health, fitness, and wellness

Primary Components of Fitness

The four primary components (also known as the components of health related fitness) that are important to improved physical health are as follows:

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Cardiorespiratory capacity is the ability of the body to take in oxygen (respiration), deliver it to the cells (circulation), and use it at the cellular level to create energy (bioenergetics) for physical work (activity). In fitness, we also refer to cardiorespiratory capacity as aerobic capacity. This capacity includes aerobic endurance (how long), aerobic strength (how hard), and aerobic power (how fast). Some of the long-term adaptations of cardiorespiratory training are: decreased resting heart rate, decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, improved endurance, increased stroke volume and cardiac output.

Muscular capacity refers to the spectrum of muscular capability. This includes muscular endurance (i.e., the ability to apply force over a long period of time or to complete repeated muscle contractions); muscular strength (i.e., the ability to generate force, or the maximum amount of force that a muscle can exert in a single contraction); and muscular power (i.e., the ability to generate strength in an explosive way). Some of the long-term adaptations of

5 Keys to Success Fitness

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1. Motivation
First, you have to decide exactly what the goal is and why you want to achieve it.

The motivation has to be so powerful that if you don’t make it, you will feel it deep inside. For instance, you need to lose 15 pounds in order to fit into your favorite pair of jeans. There, that’s it! That’s the motivation, to lose 15 pounds. Everything must center around this motivating factor. It is one, singular goal, with no attachments, just to lose the 15 pounds. Now, you may proceed to the next step. How to lose the 15 pounds.

2. Determination
You must first believe that you can and will achieve the goal of losing the 15 pounds. Your unwavering belief and faith that you are able to achieve this goal will lead you to success. Don’t allow excuses or reasons why not to settle into your mind. You must say to yourself, “Yes, I can!”

3. Commitment
You are well on your way. You know why you are doing this and you know that you will not allow anything to stop you, now you must commit yourself fully

Best Full Body Exercises

1: Turkish Get-Up

I may be a fitness buff, but my history and geography skills aren’t quite up-to-par, so I’m not quite sure how of why this exercise is “Turkish.” But the “Get-Up” part is easy to understand once you’ve tried this move.

To complete a Turkish Get-Up, you lie on your side, with a dumbbell in one hand. The dumbbell should be held out at arm’s length. From this position, you simply stand, while keeping the dumbbell overhead at an arm’s length. This means you only have one arm and two legs to help you both stand and push the weight of that dumbbell up as you stand.

This exercise can be difficult to learn, but if you can do 3-4 sets of 5-10 Turkish Get-Ups per side, then you are probably in pretty good shape!

2: Swing Squats

For this exercise, hold a dumbbell or a kettlebell down by your feet with one outstretched arm, then drop into a squat position with your butt pushed behind you, your back straight, and your heels firmly planted. Now, stand about halfway up as you begin to swing the dumbbell up, quickly reverse direction and drop down into a full squat position again, then powerfully stand